The Surviving Beautiful Experience

What is Surviving Beautifully all about?
Surviving Beautifully gives the gift of makeovers and portraits to women who are survivors of cancer, critical illness, and domestic violence. We also use this time to give women a voice and share their story. We want to make this project into a photo book where one side is a portrait from our photo shoot, and the other side tells her story. This project is about spreading awareness and hope to those still struggling with these issues while giving a piece of the survivor’s confidence back. We strive to make the Surviving Beautifully experience a really special day for every client. We want it to be a fun memory that will lift the spirits of every woman that comes into the studio.

What happens in a Surviving Beautifully session?

The first thing that happens in the process, is when you are nominated, if you are chosen, we will send you an email or give you a call. On that pre-session consultation, we will go over wardrobe ideas, and we talk about what your personal style is, where we will shoot, and then we set a shoot date. When you come in for the shoot, we’ll go over paperwork and we go through the clothing and accessories that you’ve brought in. Then hair and makeup can get started. This usually lasts about an hour and a half. While hair and makeup is being done, Amanda will ask you some questions about your experience with cancer, critical illness or domestic violence. This will be used in a video about your Surviving Beautifully shoot, and pieces may be quoted for the photo book. Once the shoot begins, Amanda guides you through a variety of poses and captures beautiful images. Once the shoot is wrapped up, it takes about two weeks to get the digital fi les back. You’ll receive web sized digital images and you are given the option to come back and purchase print products. All proceeds from print sales go right back into giving this experience to someone else. There is NO pressure to buy anything, it’s entirely up to you to purchase products to support this project. We provide these sessions and digital images at no cost to the survivor because we feel that it is an important way that we can use our creativity and skill to enhance women’s self-image and give them something really special.