I wanted to take a minute out to thank my mom, Mary Farmer, for everything she’s done to help me get this project going. She has been an active part of me planning this project from helping me gather wardrobe and furniture to setting up the structure of the non-profit side of the project. She also comes to nearly every shoot to record video for me.

She herself has dealt with a multitude of sickness over the years, including thyroid cancer. Through everything, she has never hesitated to put helping other people above her own needs.

She has many years of experience with non-profit work and her wealth of experience is so helpful. I really couldn’t do this without her.

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“Mary Farmer is a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault. She understands the struggles of

Survivors. Her own story of triumph has been an inspiration to millions as her story has been featured in

Good Housekeeping & Marie Claire Magazines.


Her journey has brought her to founding a non-profit crisis center for victims in 2006 where she worked

as the Executive Director, victim advocate and public speaker. The organization has assisted over 3000

victims of family violence and sexual assault since its formation. In 2014, she embarked on the next

“assignment” in her journey: establishing Farmer Family Ministries which provides individual life

coaching to women as well as non-profit and ministry coaching services.


Her positive, uplifting messages have been inspiring victims to heal for years and now she is taking the

message public: Nearly everyone has experience hurts in life or other feelings that are not exclusive to

victims! ‘We are ALL survivors of life!’


Mary has spoken at conferences, retreats, workshops, key note events and well as performed at

festivals, churches, events and served as praise and worship leader in multiple start up churches.

She is a three time recording artist and the author of the book “Hope Reigns” which is scheduled for

release in October 2015.”


If you want to check out her work, please stop by www.farmerfamilyministries.org